Added ASHIGARU #2.49 – #2.96

Solutions for ASHIGARU #2.49 – #2.96 have been uploaded today.

I tweaked the layout of the overview pages (SOHEI and ASHIGARU for example) just to display my own personal completion of the puzzles.

I suppose I should go ahead and add the other sections as well as their amount of completion but I’m uncertain about doing so – I don’t want to give a false impression of the answers/solutions that can be found here.

Looking through the app, I still have hundreds to do. SHOGUN is definitely the most sparse with 12/352 completed. I intend to finish ASHIGARU (which is currently at 332/352) first. It would be nice to start this off with a fully completed section.

Now that I just finished a big personal project today, I may have more time for this.

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