Double Update!

Unfortunately it’s not new puzzles. I found an embarrassingly bad broken link on the ASHIGARU page.  The link to #2.1 – #2.48 (48/48) should now be working properly.

I also updated the rest of the count for ASHIGARU as I’ve now completed all 352 puzzles in that section. This is up-to-date as of today and Version 2.6.60P of the app. I’m sure in due time there will be another update with a new set of puzzles.

But for now I’m happy to have a completed level and will be able to share it once I get the other 250+ answers uploaded!

For the rest of the back-end of things, I made a few tweaks to improve SEO a bit – hopefully making it a bit easier for players to find this resource.


Added SSL

Bit the bullet and purchased a SSL certificate for the domain. My host doesn’t allow for the use of a free certificate, unfortunately, and I found that out after an hour of trying to set things up through various ways. All is well, though, since security is more important than the two beers I would have bought at the bar with that money this year.

New content update coming soon, perhaps later today or tomorrow.


Added ASHIGARU #2.49 – #2.96

Solutions for ASHIGARU #2.49 – #2.96 have been uploaded today.

I tweaked the layout of the overview pages (SOHEI and ASHIGARU for example) just to display my own personal completion of the puzzles.

I suppose I should go ahead and add the other sections as well as their amount of completion but I’m uncertain about doing so – I don’t want to give a false impression of the answers/solutions that can be found here.

Looking through the app, I still have hundreds to do. SHOGUN is definitely the most sparse with 12/352 completed. I intend to finish ASHIGARU (which is currently at 332/352) first. It would be nice to start this off with a fully completed section.

Now that I just finished a big personal project today, I may have more time for this.


Menu Tweaks

I took away the redundant “Welcome to CrossMe Answers!” page since About page pretty much is what should serve that purpose.

Made a slight tweak to the menu width since after adding the ASHIGARU section yesterday it started to look a bit overcrowded.


Added ASHIGARU #2.1 – #2.48 and Contact Form

And boy was it a lot of work! I had a feeling it would be much but it sure took some time and effort to make sure that things were organized, labeled, and displaying properly. It’s good to know how about how much time it took to do one set; this way, I’ll be able to manage my time more effectively and possibly plan out updates when/if I need to.

I don’t think uploading in smaller batches is a good idea – even while doing the task in one focused sitting it was a bit tricky to keep track of everything that I needed to. Who would have thought uploading screenshots would be such an undertaking?

File management on my laptop is fine but WordPress is proving fairly clunky. I may look into solutions for the Media Library as there is no way to organize it.

I created a simple contact form on the Contact Page and I think it works. The tests worked, at least.

I need to re-style the menus a bit since they seem to be getting cramped already.


Added SOHEI #1.13 – #1.24

Another section of screenshots taken, uploaded, tagged, and added to the site.

The next section, ASHIGARU, has 352 puzzles in it. I’ve completed 323 of those 352 so I suppose I should get started in taking screenshots of the completed puzzles and get around to solving the newer puzzles.

I actually haven’t done any CrossMe puzzles in quite some time. I used to do them on the plane when flying internationally but COVID-19 has seriously reduced (down to zero) my frequency of flying.

On the back end of things, I updated this to run on PHP 7.4 rather than 7.3. HUGE difference (not really but I like to stay up to date.)

I suppose I should get some SEO stuff going for this as well.

This project is looking like one big data entry project.


New Domain!

Welcome to the official! Hopefully this commitment to a domain name will have me working on this more.

I forgot how tricky things can get when migrating a WordPress site from a dev environment to an active domain. I think all of the permalinks got updated properly and the 500 Internal Server errors are resolved.


A decent update

After quite a while I finally decided to work on this again.

The manual approach seemed laborious so I decided to try a few gallery plugins and see what can work best for this site.

Envira was not really so good, even though research deemed it one of the best free options. Modula is the winner for tonight. After some tweaking and custom CSS declarations, I was able to get a simple gallery to work and look how I almost wanted it.

I took screenshots of the next SOHEI set but I did not upload them yet. After a day or two of perhaps a little more tweaking with Modula then maybe I will embark that is the arduous task of getting everything on here.

I should look into an SEO plugin as well as buy a domain for this site; I don’t want to have to redo all the permalinks – that would be a nightmare.