Added SOHEI #1.13 – #1.24

Another section of screenshots taken, uploaded, tagged, and added to the site.

The next section, ASHIGARU, has 352 puzzles in it. I’ve completed 323 of those 352 so I suppose I should get started in taking screenshots of the completed puzzles and get around to solving the newer puzzles.

I actually haven’t done any CrossMe puzzles in quite some time. I used to do them on the plane when flying internationally but COVID-19 has seriously reduced (down to zero) my frequency of flying.

On the back end of things, I updated this to run on PHP 7.4 rather than 7.3. HUGE difference (not really but I like to stay up to date.)

I suppose I should get some SEO stuff going for this as well.

This project is looking like one big data entry project.

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