Added ASHIGARU #2.1 – #2.48 and Contact Form

And boy was it a lot of work! I had a feeling it would be much but it sure took some time and effort to make sure that things were organized, labeled, and displaying properly. It’s good to know how about how much time it took to do one set; this way, I’ll be able to manage my time more effectively and possibly plan out updates when/if I need to.

I don’t think uploading in smaller batches is a good idea – even while doing the task in one focused sitting it was a bit tricky to keep track of everything that I needed to. Who would have thought uploading screenshots would be such an undertaking?

File management on my laptop is fine but WordPress is proving fairly clunky. I may look into solutions for the Media Library as there is no way to organize it.

I created a simple contact form on the Contact Page and I think it works. The tests worked, at least.

I need to re-style the menus a bit since they seem to be getting cramped already.

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