Added ASHIGARU #2.289 – #2.336

It has been a WHILE but I’m finally back and I’ve added ASHIGARU #2.289 – #2.336 as well as some back-end updates. The overview for ASHIGARU has been updated with the new link as well.

It has been quite a busy time; the real world has been extremely demanding. Other personal and professional projects have taken an overwhelming amount of my time as of late, and unfortunately that meant any time I tried to update CrossMe Answers, it was always deferred.

I may need a new tablet soon, as well. There were two nights that I had turned it on (a very old Samsung Nexus 10) and by the time it was finished updating the apps from the Google Play Store, the battery was already completely drained. There was another night where I thought to start working on the new BUSHI puzzles (the difficulty after ASHIGARU – I don’t have it added to the menu yet), so I did, and then after half an hour the battery had drained.

This week is going to start fairly busy but I’m hoping to ~~~finally~~~ have the entirety of ASHIGARU uploaded and completed.

This project sure took longer than I thought it would but I’m back to it and hopefully I’ll stay on track for the next few weeks.


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