Added BUSHI #3.289 – #3.336

Finally! I’ve gotten around to uploading the next 48 answers in the BUSHI set: BUSHI #3.289 – #3.336. Another surprise of today (or perhaps earlier this week because my tablet is 9 years old and takes a long time to update the apps?) The CrossMe Nonograms app updated! There’s more puzzles! Holy moly do I have my work cut out for me.

Having said that, all ANSWERS pages have been updated to reflect current numbers. I’m one more puzzle away from getting the next BUSHI set done, so I think I might do that and then circle around back to the 8 new ASHIGARU puzzles. There are 8 new puzzles for each level, so either way, it shouldn’t take long. After that I plan to get the final 12 BUSHI puzzles finished. Finally! I’m hoping in the next two weeks I can finally have both ASHIGARU and BUSHI fully completed and updated. It’s a silly thing in terms of the world but I’m proud of it.

Until next time!

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Oh yes! I just looked it up and I remember having to save and reload a few times. It’s in the next batch to upload. I’ve got one final BUSHI puzzle left and it’ll all be complete.

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