Added ASHIGARU #2.504 – #2.552

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay! Once again, thank you everyone for your emails; it really keeps me motivated. I hope those of you who reached out did get my responses (and the one-off solutions). I did have one email that I can’t seem to find now that had a pretty lengthy list, so, if that’s you, feel free to reach out again!

I’ve gotten ASHIGARU #2.504 – #2.552 up and ready for your perusal. Truth be told, I actually had them completed several weeks ago, but the gallery plugin that I’m using decided to ahem “incentivize” purchasing a license by completely taking away automatic sorting, which I was relying heavily on. For the time being, I have to arrange every single image manually, which requires quite a bit of mouse work and scrolling within the WordPress admin side. I’ll make the purchase eventually.

Up next is restructuring BUSHI. We’ll see when I get around to that; the ad revenue is quite low and that work takes a solid 2-3 hours with how the site is set up (as well as all the local files I keep). I’m considering setting up a donation thing for those of you who really want to keep this going at a consistent rate. I’ve gotten a few offers, but I need to do some research. Maybe I’ll set up a very very cheap Patreon.

Anyway, happy solving!


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