Added SOHEI #1.13 – #1.24

Another section of screenshots taken, uploaded, tagged, and added to the site.

The next section, ASHIGARU, has 352 puzzles in it. I’ve completed 323 of those 352 so I suppose I should get started in taking screenshots of the completed puzzles and get around to solving the newer puzzles.

I actually haven’t done any CrossMe puzzles in quite some time. I used to do them on the plane when flying internationally but COVID-19 has seriously reduced (down to zero) my frequency of flying.

On the back end of things, I updated this to run on PHP 7.4 rather than 7.3. HUGE difference (not really but I like to stay up to date.)

I suppose I should get some SEO stuff going for this as well.

This project is looking like one big data entry project.


New Domain!

Welcome to the official! Hopefully this commitment to a domain name will have me working on this more.

I forgot how tricky things can get when migrating a WordPress site from a dev environment to an active domain. I think all of the permalinks got updated properly and the 500 Internal Server errors are resolved.


A decent update

After quite a while I finally decided to work on this again.

The manual approach seemed laborious so I decided to try a few gallery plugins and see what can work best for this site.

Envira was not really so good, even though research deemed it one of the best free options. Modula is the winner for tonight. After some tweaking and custom CSS declarations, I was able to get a simple gallery to work and look how I almost wanted it.

I took screenshots of the next SOHEI set but I did not upload them yet. After a day or two of perhaps a little more tweaking with Modula then maybe I will embark that is the arduous task of getting everything on here.

I should look into an SEO plugin as well as buy a domain for this site; I don’t want to have to redo all the permalinks – that would be a nightmare.


And it Begins

I’ve been putting this off for so many years now and since COVID-19 has caused a global shutdown, I figured this would be a good time to finally start a project that I began once before, about 7 years ago, and has always been in the back of my mind.

I love the game CrossMe and I would love to help others who have not yet figured out certain tips and tricks for the more difficult puzzles.

This site is still in the early planning stages, and I’m yet to upload a single screenshot. I don’t know what to expect from this project nor do I know if I will even continue it in the long-term. Hopefully I’ll get enough work done on this to justify buying a domain name and perhaps setting up a little bit of advertising to cover those costs.