Added ASHIGARU #2.97 – #2.144

Tonight I’ve finished uploading solutions for ASHIGARU #2.97 – #2.144.

I’ve also had to go ahead and update the Answers and ASHIGARU pages since today there was an update released for CrossMe! I am now running version 2.6.62P of the app. The update included 128 new puzzles; 16 new puzzles for levels 2-9, which means my previous post is no longer accurate.

I’ve got 15 puzzles left now to have a complete ASHIGARU. I’m hoping to get those completed soon and I am aiming to get at least one more big batch update for the ASHIGARU puzzles. I was hoping to have this update that I just did done sooner but life always has a way of interfering with our goals.

A quick look at my tablet show’s that I’ve got four large batches (totaling 64 puzzles per batch) and then the one half batch. So I guess that’s about 288 puzzles need to be uploaded before I have a complete 2020 AHIGARU.

There is still MUCH to do!

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