Added ASHIGARU #2.193 – #2.240

Less than a week between updates; I managed it!

I’m happy to say that answers for ASHIGARU #2.193 – #2.240 have been uploaded. I will be honest and say that I really wasn’t feeling it this week since I’m beginning to feel pretty burnt out, especially with the second wave of COVID-19 beginning to spread across the globe.

But then I thought to myself, this might be THE TIME to be working on this. I didn’t do so well when I first tried to start this site. Now that more quarantine and lockdown appears to be imminent, it might be nice to continue to contribute to a game that has kept me busy for years on end and might help others who may be stumbling upon CrossMe Nonograms for the very first time.

On the back-end of things, the WordPress Media Library is becoming a bit unwieldy and I’m concerned for what that may mean for future updates that aren’t so large but I want to keep things organized. I definitely need to find a plugin. If there is actually anybody reading this site and also has a recommendation, please use the Contact Page – I’m open to suggestions!

On a completely unrelated note: I was listening to the album folklore by Taylor Swift. Very good stuff.

Let’s see if I can get another update done in less than a week again – keep the momentum going!


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