HUGE Update!

After a very long time, CrossMe Answers has finally been accepted into the Google AdSense program! Wahoo!!! Hopefully soon some ads will be displaying on the site and I can finally start to get some revenue to cover the costs of running this site. Of course I’m not looking to turn a crazy profit, let’s be realistic. But the truth is that just paying for some premium plugins, SSL, the domain, and other hosting costs is adding up to a little more than I anticipated. I would like to buy some more plugins and maybe get a really nice theme but let’s see how this goes. I intend to reinvest all profits into the site.

In other news, I’ve also add ASHIGARU #2.385 – #2.388 which were part of the most recent CrossMe update (4 puzzles were added to levels 2-8.)  With the added motivation to do more work for this site, I’ve also completed a few more BUSHI puzzles but I won’t be adding those until the next set is fully complete. In the meantime, I think I’ll prepare the next SHINOBI update since I have a few completed sets there. My progress on everything can be found on the ANSWERS page and the subsequent sections.

Looking forward to getting the ads set up here. I know the Google positioning has been doing quite well and traffic has increased overall. I do think that this is the only up-to-date site devoted to CrossMe Nonograms so that makes me proud.


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