Added BUSHI #3.241 – #3.288

Hi all,

I’ve finished and uploaded BUSHI #3.241 – #3.288. I’ve also been working on a number of these puzzles lately; getting approved for Google AdSense (albeit, for such small earnings) has been wildly motivating. Life is extraordinarily busy lately so it’s tough to find the time to sit down and get things done but I already have two more updates ready to go soon. Keep an eye out for the next set of BUSHI puzzle solutions as well as another set of SHINOBI answers. I may even have a complete set of the next level as well in the pipeline.

Plenty of work still to do, and I will be updating all of the stats on the ANSWERS pages after I publish this post, so this is just a short update! You may even find some hints as to what should be coming up next 😉


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