Added SHINOBI #4.49 – #4.96

Hi all,

I’ve got ahead and uploaded my answers for SHINOBI #4.49 – #4.96. I’ve had these ready to go for the last two weeks but of course life once again got in the way. My work-life balance is wildly unhealthy and I look forward to the day when I’m no longer working 70-hour work weeks.

You’ll notice that I’ve also updated the ANSWERS statistics – most notably, the BUSHI statistics. I have #3.289 – #3.336 solved but I still need to find the time to add them to the site. I’m currently working on the set after that, which is #3.337 – #3.384; they’re tough ones, even for BUSHI! I’m enjoying the challenge, though, and I’m looking forward to having a completely solved BUSHI.

As always, there is still a LOT to do with this site. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome; please feel free to use the form on the Contact page.

Until next time!


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