BUSHI Completed!

Wow it’s been a long time! I always make promises to be productive and then life gets in the way.

In the last month my laptop has died and I was working a huge pilot project for a few weeks that took up all of my time on top of the usual chaos that Independent Contractor life entails.

Having said that, I’m VERY excited to announce that I’ve finally uploaded the solutions to BUSHI #3.337 – #3.384 as well as BUSHI #3.385 – #3.408. This means that BUSHI is, as of today, 100% COMPLETE!

So the question now is, what’s next? I have a full set of RONIN puzzles to upload. After that, there’s not much. I have most of the first set of SAMURAI complete and more than half of the first SENSI set. Let’s not talk about SHOGUN…

Anyway, there’s more than JUST those sets; I’m just listing what might work as a complete upload. I’m undecided if I will upload partial sets or not; it’s a difficult decision.

Anyway, it feels good to have sat down for the last hour and a half to get these things going. I know there’s a select few in terms of audience for this site but I’m also well-aware that I’m currently (at least in the English operating region) the only site pursuing something like this, so that’s nice and motivating.

Until next time!


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