A Thank You Update


That’s what was in my Google AdSense this morning; my very first cashout from this website. Now, it did take several months to get there (averaging about $20-$30 a month) but it got there and all I can say it thank you. Thank you to the visitors, thank you to the people who contact me, thank you to everyone interacting with this site. (Clicking the ads is SUPER helpful 😛 )

I think if I can manage to get the same amount by January then this site will be paying for itself! Maybe I should start looking at a super nice premium theme; I’m well-aware that the layout is awful, but hey, one thing at a time.

With all of that said, Dynamix pushed another update which means 8 new puzzles to each level! I have solved and uploaded the 8 new ASHIGARU puzzles (#2.409 – #2.416). They are now enjoying their new display on the ASHIGARU #2.385 – #2.416 page.

I hope to have the 8 new BUSHI puzzles up soon enough; I already solved one of them!

Back soon!

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